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Alexander Dunedin

Alexander Dunedin
email: alex.dunedin @ unlikeminds.co.uk
email: alex @ raggeduniversity.com
phone: 07402 256 611
website Ragged Online


When Alex Dunedin heard about ‘ragged’ schools, which brought free education to the United Kingdom in the 19th century, he decided to update the movement using available infrastructure and common technology. Ragged University provides free talks and debates in informal spaces such as pubs, cafes and libraries, featuring speakers from all backgrounds and ages. It aims to complement, rather than replace, schools and universities, many of which have already pledged their support to the project. Alex is self-educated and places autodidactism at the forefront of his work along personalised good working relationships.


Problem solving, negotiation, dynamic planning, research, investigation, interpersonal, self motivation, team building, instruction, analysis, multi-level thinking, typesetting, social media, indexing, critical thinking, mediation, conflict resolution, creative thinking, project managing.


A life of autodidactic work all committed to the public domain, primarily in the bio-medical sciences area. All are welcome to inspect the intellectual work, the current project, or enquire on a face-to-face basis.


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