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More about us

more about us


Unlike Minds was established with cooperative principles and a strong, underlying ethical code. Because of the mix of commercial, third sector and pro bono work undertaken by Unlike Minds associates, we struggle to describe ourselves as private sector, social enterprise or indeed a community company, preferring our own term, a Holistic Enterprise company.

We advocate Holistic Enterprise as a blend of public, private and voluntary sector activity more appropriate to the age. (What better way to prove the concept than to live it as a piece of action research.) We are affiliates of the Peer to Peer Foundation (P2P) and base our holistic enterprise on a working synthesis between P2P’s principles, those of the Cooperative movement, and our own.

The credo of Unlike Minds is, in order: to use our capabilities to make a difference; to have fun doing so; and to earn sufficient to sustain the first two.

Unlike Minds associates are each successful in their own right, having built a reputation for being one of the best in their respective field. The real power of Unlike Minds is “the power of interaction” describing the creative fusion, interdisciplinarity and shared working from which all of our clients benefit.


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