”…a proven stimulus of innovation--the meeting of unlike minds."


Unlike Minds is a capability network of independent professionals, all with an established track record and reputation in their field. Many are at the centre of networks of expertise with access to leading thinkers.

We are known for Transdisciplinarity and originality of thinking.

Unlike Minds operates as a holistic enterprise business, focusing on helping organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to think creatively, enabling them to develop breakthrough processes, products and services. We are affiliated to the P2P Foundation

We work as innovation catalysts across private, third and public sectors, in schools, companies, communities and charities to support visioning, strategy and execution.

We are engaged by clients to challenge existing systems and envisage innovative, new approaches. Much like an architectural practice, we work alongside the client to co-create sustainable solutions that are groundbreaking today and sustainable for the foreseeable future.



The power of interaction

Unlike Minds capability network

 Thomas Stewart 2001


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